I'm Timo, a developer and consultant focusing on Data Science and the Web

I'm from Germany, currently based in Frankfurt am Main

I like Python

I like web technologies

I like to learn

About me

I am a data scientist, software developer and consultant with professional experience in all things data, hailing from Germany and currently living in Frankfurt am Main. I am passionate about new cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence or the blockchain and the question of how to embed them in user-friendly interfaces.

I have done projects for a range of different companies and organizations - in the last few years I've also acquired considerable experience in differenct projects within the financial industry.

My educational background is rather diverse and I always look for opportunities to learn. My favorite projects are those that require me to push beyond my boundaries.


Data Science

Python, tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Qlik, SAS, SQL, Knime, Weka

Software & Web Development

Python, Scala, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Odoo, Wordpress, FirstSpirit, Google Tag Manager, SEO

Projects & Experience


I have worked for more than 5 years in different roles as part of agile teams in large-scale projects of Commerzbank. This included the design and implementation of data science use cases, data visualization dashboards for the management and the development of data pipelines that run on a Hadoop-based data lake.


Python, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, scikit-learn and others


Data Scientist & Consultant


I developed a cross-platform, GUI-based, standalone tool for the technical analysis of stocks. The analyses are based on a proprietary algorithm helping to predict future stock developments. The tool conducts the analyses for a large number of stocks, generates customizable graphs and allows to export the results in various formats.

Research group affiliated with University of Kassel

Software Developer

Python, NumPy, Qt


Development of a cross-plattform tool for technical stock analysis


Songsender was a music startup sending out daily music recommendations to their users. I was responsible for the initial IT implementation, including the automization of processes in the backend, the website, the databases and the server administration.


Full-stack Developer

Python, SQL, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux Server Administration


Full-stack developer for online music recommendation service


company.news is an online magazine for Commmerzbank's corporate clients. I was responsible for the implementation of the website's redesign based on mockups created by a design agency. This included the entire front-end implementation and some adjustments to the Content Management Systems' back-end templates.


Lead Web Developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, FirstSpirit


Front-end implementation of Commerzbank's online magazine

Extended Nearest Neighbor (enn)

I implemented the recently proposed machine learning algorithm Extended Nearest Neighbor (enn) in Python. The algorithm constitutes an improvement to the widely known k-Nearest Neighbor (knn) algorithm. The implementation is compatible with scikit-learn and available as an open-source Python package.

Open Source Project

Software Developer

Python, NumPy, scikit-learn


Python implementation of a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm