I'm Timo, a software developer and consultant focusing on Data Science

I'm from Germany, currently based in Frankfurt am Main

I like Python

I like machine learning

I like to learn

About me

I am a data scientist, software developer and consultant with professional experience in all things data, hailing from Germany and currently living in Frankfurt am Main. I am passionate about new cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence or the blockchain and the question of how to embed them in user-friendly interfaces.

I have done projects for a range of different companies and organizations - in the last few years I've also acquired considerable experience in differenct projects within the financial industry.

My educational background is rather diverse and I always look for opportunities to learn. My favorite projects are those that require me to push beyond my boundaries.


Data Science

Python, tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn, Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Qlik, SAS, SQL, Knime

Software & Web Development

Python, Scala, Google Cloud Platform, JavaScript, PHP, Odoo, Wordpress, FirstSpirit

Blog Articles